Top class data center operations and maintenance

We are international

miner friendly 

TSE is familiar with cross-border logistics and customs clearance processes. We provide assistance for company registration with the local authority, tax planning, and legal consulting services.  We are here to help international miners (especially Chinese miners) enter the North American data market safely, securely and economically.

We are committed to our promised

one hour response rate

Guided by the self-use managed data center operation and maintenance manual, our team implements industry-leading standards and leverage scientific processing methods to better serve our customers.

Monitoring and maintenance


We support remote closed-circuit monitoring, and are equipped with well-trained security personnel to ensure that your equipment is always in the safest and most reliable operating environment.


The on-site operation and maintenance expert team implements a shift system to inspect operating equipment for disconnection, damage, corrosion, dirt, etc., and will monitor the operating status of the equipment.


Our team has rich experience in operation and maintenance of colocation data centers. The core members are from the traditional IDC industry and have successfully operated and maintained over 400MW load colocation data centers.


Alberta, CA
British Columbia, CA
Saskatchewan, CA
Manitoba, CA
Texas, US
North Dakota, US
TSE’s independent environmental protection initiative — a sustainable CCHP system

The colocation data center is energy-intensive, generating intense heat that requires continuous cooling. This created TSE's independent CCHP (combined cooling, heating and power) system.

Leveraging the synergies of the power plant and the data center allows for heat and cooling integration and reduces the overall fuel demand (by at least 30% on average) and associated emissions.

Bringing in carbon capture facility or other carbon credit programs, it is easy to make the operation carbon neutral.

TSE Logistics Process

For equipment arriving from abroad

  • Commerce Negotiation

    Sign colocation contract upon completion of the due diligence process

  • Logistics management

    Ship to designated warehouse. Arrange unified freight forwarding logistics

  • ship to north america

    Arrival within 15 days

  • Registration & Customs Clearance

    Assist client machines to be cleared and registered under the client’s ownership

  • Arrival & unboxing

    After your equipment arrives, the operators will record the entire unpacking process. Followed by labeling each machine, as well as recording each machine’s SN code before the final shelf installation. Photos and SN codes will be included in the “Asset Confirmation Letter”, as a part of colocation contract signed by the customer.

  • Officially start

    Officially commencement of 24/7 hosting services


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