Leading the way with energy efficient colocation data centers in North America.
TSE delivers a comprehensive data hosting solution designed to guarantee the safety, stability, and efficiency of computing equipment.

TSE delivers a comprehensive data hosting solution designed to guarantee the safety, stability, and efficiency of computing equipment. We offer adaptable solutions catering to the diverse needs of our global client base.


What we offer

Stable, uninterrupted power supplies

All our data centers operate with high efficiency and a strong commitment to environmental consciousness. Utilizing 100% self-owned facilities that exclusively employ renewable green energy sources, we are able to optimize our operations. This approach enables us to provide the most competitive pricing in the industry, aligning economic benefits with ecological responsibility.

Top-class operations and maintenance

TSE boasts a computing power compliance rate that surpasses industry norms, proudly ensuring an average equipment uptime of 99% annually. Our operational structure includes a rotating shift pattern, comprising three teams working across three 8-hour shifts, thereby providing continuous 24/7 coverage. We are committed to offering our clientele a rapid response guarantee, with a promise of addressing issues within one hour. This approach ensures the uninterrupted safety and security of your business operations, irrespective of any external circumstances.

Self-owned colocation data center

In a bid to augment both the uptime and adaptability of each client's equipment, every TSE data center includes a significant self-funded equipment allocation, amounting to up to 50%. This dedicated portion of self-funded machinery is strategically implemented to prioritize our clients' power supply needs. In the event of a power outage, this arrangement ensures that the equipment belonging to our customers will be the last to be disconnected and the first to be reconnected, thereby minimizing operational disruptions and maintaining a consistent service delivery.



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Stable business environment

The current colocation data centers operated by our company are strategically situated across various cities in Canada and the United States. These locations are selected for their favorable climatic conditions, cost-effective electricity rates, minimal crime statistics, and advantageous tax policies. Such factors contribute to a stable business environment, characterized by reduced economic and political uncertainties, alongside lower infrastructure and labor expenses.

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